About Us

 Located in Albuquerque NM.

I first came up with this cute idea back in 2004 when I was struggling with what to get for my father in law whom collects Nativity sets and also has a great sense of humor.  He seemed to have EVERY set there ever was.

Thus the Holy Frijoles were born! He showed a few people and they asked for some, those people showed a few people and soon we were swamped with orders from many happy people that are just tickled with the idea as much as we are!

We are very grateful for all the wonderful buyers of the bean nativities. Many people do not know that because of their purchases our children had Christmas gifts, shoes on their feet, food in the bellies and joy in their hearts. 

Now that the kids are grown and the grandkids are coming in droves, we've met and spoken with many wonderful people that love our small idea and for all of it, we are just eternally grateful!